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Connect Online Payment to Your Application, Start Accepting Payments from Customers - TIARA take care of payment processing.

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What is a Payment Processing?

Businesses that provide payment options through credit or debit cards to their customers need a payment processing service provider who would help them in crediting the money into their bank accounts. They collaborate between all parties involved to make the payment process efficient and seamless for the merchants and customers. Payment processing services are the ones who fulfil a number of steps required from authenticating to settling a transaction. They make sure merchants receive their money in their bank account from all transactions that don’t involve paper money. These transactions mainly include payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, etc.

Payment processors are companies that function as a mediator between merchants, customers, and financial institutions that process transactions. They are an important part of the global financial chain.
They are entities which synchronise non-cash transactions by validating all information and also distribute funds to the merchant, once a sale is completed. As a payment processor, not only to the merchant, but also making sure even the issuing bank receives its funds. The network payment processors own lets them accommodate a flow of data between all parties.

lmprove efficienty

We have several data centers around the world, which allows TIARA to guarantee 99.99% fault tolerance of the payment infrastructure.

Diversify risks

Protect your business from financial risks. TIARA collects customer funds in segregated bank accounts with multiple banks, ensuring fast and secure settlements.

Expand globally

Enter new markets by connecting to local payment methods preferred by local users. Accept online payments and make timely payments in the right currencies on a single payment platform.

Eliminate pain points

Tired of processing problems that your payment provider ignores? TIARA implements customized solutions to make your business goals a reality.


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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Connect new payment services, expand your business, reach a new customer audience.
Our company always adheres to the highest standards of service quality for our clients. You can check all this in practice - CONNECT TO OUR SERVICE!

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